Paintless Dent Repair Techniques

Published: 07th September 2011
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Paintless dent repair is a type of dent repair for cars that can remove minor 'dings' and bumps from the body of a car or other vehicle. Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is applicable for a variety of bumps and scratches and will be suitable in the majority of cases. However if there is also paint damage, then PDR might not be the best option (hence the name 'paintless' dent repair).

The most common use for PDR is to repair hail damage that is damage from hail stones that can hit the roof and the rest of a vehicle. Hail dent repair or auto hail damage repair if often required as large hailstones can catch drivers off guard and do a surprising amount of damage to cars that are parked outside rather than in garages. However it will also be useful for anyone who has had a minor collision, had a bike go into their car, had a door opened into the side of their vehicle etc.

The most usual practice for PDR is to use metal rods and 'pody picks'. The idea here is to push the dents out of the car from the inside. This is useful for auto hail damage repair and a range of other types of damage. Imagine your car like a bottle of coke if you dent this with your finger then it is possible to go at it from inside and to then push the dent out again so that it is completely flat. The same is true of dent repair for a car.

At the same time, glue and specially designed 'tab' can also be used from outside the car in order to 'pull' the dent out. This is useful in cases where the damage to the car body is in places where you cannot get inside to push it from inside or behind and instead can only reach the dent from the outside.

Following this the dent repair will not usually be completed and there will normally be minor imperfections and dimples where you have removed the dent. It is important here then to 'tap out' those imperfections to flatten the dent in line with the rest of the body work of the car and this will normally occur after. It is important however when doing this that technicians are careful not to apply too much force to the high spots as doing so can cause the paint to crack. Rather, experienced technicians will use the high spots which are barely visible in order to mimic the texture of the rest of the paint.

In order to look for these imperfections and high spots, special lighting is used normal fluorescent lighting or a reflection board here is used to create shadows that indicate the presence of concave and obtuse areas. In short, paintless dent repair is a complex task and doing it correctly requires training, experience and a range of tools. If you wish to remove dent from your car or get hail auto damage repair, then you should use professional dent repair rather than trying yourself.

Paintless dent repair is a complex task that can restore your car to its former glory. Follow the links for paint less dent repair and auto hail damage repair Regina.

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